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Monday, May 27, 2013

Braided Rhinestone Bracelet


You’ll need:

Take a 2 inch piece of silver bullion and stretch it out to create a thin metal wire. Gather a 12 inch bunch of silk thread and tie a knot around the last inch.
Wrap the wire around tightly, covering 10-12 mm. Snip the wire and tape the thread to a flat surface. You can skip this step and simply knot the bunch of thread instead.
Braid the thread until it reaches the length of the bracelet.
Wrap more silver wire around the end and trim the ends. Thread the needle with a piece of silk and thread it through the end of the braid.
Sew the braid to the bracelet by threading the silk through the middle of the braid and over each rhinestone setting. Be careful not to snag any threads while pulling the needle through and be sure to pull tightly each time.
Continue threading. Once the last part of the braid has been sewn on, wrap the silk thread around the last rhinestone gem a few times.
Thread the needle out the back of the wired section and trim.
Your braided rhinestone bracelet is finished.
Pile it on!

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